Tuesday – December 11, 2018

ITV Courses

ITV (Interactive Television) courses provide access to instruction at two or more campus locations via television and telephone.  This type of distance learning course is used for courses with low enrollments at more than one MATC campus or to increase student enrollment for courses that are unique to one specific campus location.  ITV provides flexibility and convenience in course offerings which allows you to choose a campus closer to home or work, yet fully participate in the regularly scheduled class. All ITV classes are broadcast in real time. There are two types or ITV courses:

  • Interactive Television One-Way Video
    Audio and visual signals are sent from the Downtown Milwaukee Campus (send site) to any of the other three campuses, or any other location that has been appropriately equipped (receive site). Participants at the receive sites ask questions or make comments through an elaborate telephone system.
  • Interactive Television Two-Way Video
    This technology is a telecommunications system which allows for two-way audio and two-way video transmissions. These sessions can originate from any campus location and be shared with the three other locations. Outside facilities that have compatible systems can also receive or send information to the college via this technology. At MATC this alternative delivery technique is used to deliver courses that require active interaction between the instructor and the participants at multiple locations.
  • When viewing classes in INFOnline, all ITV courses end in "LS" in the section number of the Course name (for example, MDRAFT-385-800LS ).

For more information: 414-297-6840 or distancelearning@matc.edu.