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Front-End Web Developer (2017-2018)

Formerly Web Developer

Technical Diploma
School of Media and Creative Arts / Information Technology Career Cluster

Downtown Milwaukee Campus
Program Code: 31-206-1

For Information: 414-297-6433
Downtown Milwaukee Campus, 414-297-MATC

Overview — Learn and apply in-depth skills in web development, web design, design tools and up-to-date languages.

Students will plan, design and publish several websites using multiple web development languages. This program is aimed at maintaining occupational currency and preparing for the future in this ever-changing technology. 

Students should have normal vision and hearing, normal color and depth perception, visualization ability, and a well-developed imagination with a talent for visual problem-solving. Important to your success are the abilities to work as part of a team, to work under stress and to meet deadlines.

Career Pathway — After earning this technical diploma, your credits can be applied toward completing the Web & Digital Media Design associate degree. Contact an MATC advisor for information.

Career Outlook — Society's dependence on the internet and instant access to content has led to a variety of occupations related to the design and development of websites. The demand for web designers increases as more businesses and organizations rely on functional and flexible websites, along with a social media presence, to attract and serve their customers and clients.

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Program Learning Outcomes — Employers will expect graduates to possess the following skills:
  • Web development
  • Web page design
  • Web page scripting
  • Project planning
  • Interactive interface design
  • Social media marketing
  • Professionalism and good communication skills

Admission Requirements — The following are required for admission to the program:

    •  High school diploma or GED
    •  Demonstration of proficiency in basic skills through a course  placement assessment
    •  Demonstration of basic computer skills in operating systems, word processing and the internet


Possible Careers
Front-End Designer
Web Designer
Web Developer

Related Programs
Web & Digital Media Design (formerly Interactive Media)
Mobile Designer
Mobile Application Designer
eBusiness Technology Analyst


Start Dates: August/January

Curriculum effective 2017-18. 

Current MATC students should consult their Academic Program Plan for specific curriculum requirements. 
( ) = Semester Order for Full-Time Students.

SIXTEEN-WEEK TERMS                                                 


(1)  EBUS-165

Web and Social Media Marketing



(1)  ITDEV-117

Logic and Problem Solving



(1)  VICOM-123

Website Design Overview ‡



(1)  VICOM-128

Web Development with HTML/CSS



(1)  VICOM-150

Introduction to Digital Media



(1)  ENG-151

Communication Skills 1 ‡



  (or) ENG-201 English 1 ‡

(2)  VICOM-162

Database Web Design With PHP & MySQL ‡



(2)  VICOM-124

Content Management Systems ‡



  (or) VICOM-105 Rich Media for the Web 

(2)  VICOM-125

Web Development With JavaScript and jQuery ‡



(2)  VICOM-126

Responsive Web Design 



(2)  VICOM-152

Interactive Design ‡





‡ Prerequisite required.

Program curriculum requirements are subject to change.

For class times and locations or to register online, visit INFOnline.

Current MATC students should consult their Academic Program Plan for specific curriculum requirements.


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