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Mechanical and Computer Drafting (2017-2018)

Technical Diploma
School of Technology and Applied Sciences / Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics Career Cluster

Downtown Milwaukee Campus
Program Code: 31-421-2

For Information: 414-297-6315
Downtown Milwaukee Campus, 414-297-MATC

Overview — Prepare to be a detail drafter in the mechanical drafting field through this program. Detail drafters play an important role in manufacturing.

Before a new product can become a reality, it must exist in the mind of the engineer, designer or drafter; then it is the detail drafter, working from design layouts, sketches, handbooks and catalogs, who creates working drawings that are used in the manufacturing of the product.

Skills necessary for success in this program include the ability to read technical data and solve math problems. Average or better mechanical aptitude and a grasp of spatial relationships are important. 

Career Pathway — After earning this technical diploma, the credits can be applied toward completing the Mechanical Design Technology associate degree. Contact an MATC advisor for information.

Career Outlook — The employment outlook is favorable for mechanical drafters having current training involving computer-aided design and drafting (CADD) systems. Manufacturing environments, contract engineers and engineering consulting firms employ mechanical drafters. Firms use CADD systems to create two- and three-dimensional orthographic and pictorial multiview drawings of mechanical engineering detail, assembly and tooling.

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Program Learning Outcomes — Employers will expect graduates to be knowledgeable in the following areas:

  • Orthographic projection, including primary and secondary auxiliary views
  • Drawing format and dimensioning
  • Use of a CADD system
  • Use of handbooks, catalogs and ANSI standards
  • Mathematical applications, including algebra and trigonometry
  • Manufacturing processes


Admission Requirements  — The following is required for admission to the program:

  • High school diploma or GED
  • One year of high school-level algebra or equivalent
  • Demonstration of proficiency in basic skills through a course placement assessment


Possible Careers
CADD Operator
Detail Drafter


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Mechanical Design Technology
Architectural Technology
Civil Engineering


Start Date: August

Curriculum effective 2017-18. 

Current MATC students should consult their Academic Program Plan for specific curriculum requirements.
( ) = Semester Order for Full-Time Students.







(1)  CIVIL-102

Introduction to AutoCAD



(1)  CIVIL-105

Computer Applications



(1)  MCDESG-162

Engineering Materials



(1)  MCDESG-102 Technical Drafting 1 ‡ 3        
  (2)  MATH-115

College Technical Mathematics 1 ‡

(or) MATH-201 College Algebra ‡





(2)  MCDESG-104

Technical Drafting 2 with CAD ‡



(2)  MCDESG-114  SolidWorks 1‡ 2        

(3)  NATSCI-137 Comprehensive Technical Physics 4        
  (3)  MCDESG-106 Advanced Engineering Graphics ‡ 3
  (3)  MCDESG-124 SolidWorks 2 ‡ 2

(3)  MCDESG-163 Machining Processes 2        




‡ Prerequisite required.

Program curriculum requirements are subject to change.

For class times and locations or to register online, visit INFOnline.

Current MATC students should consult their Academic Program Plan for specific curriculum requirements.

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