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Law Enforcement
School of Technology and Applied Sciences
Oak Creek Campus


For Information:
Oak Creek Campus, 414-571-4500

This program is open to MATC Criminal Justice – Law Enforcement program students only. Completion of academic and tactical curriculum coupled with scenario-based assessment will allow you to become eligible for certification through the State of Wisconsin Law Enforcement Standards Board.

Additional qualifications include:

• Must have completed all nine of the 900-908 courses with a grade of C (2.0 GPA) or higher. These courses must be completed in two years, as the tactical portions take one year to complete and the State of Wisconsin will not extend the total training program beyond three years.

• Must have earned at least 45 college credits prior to application for entry. This must include the 27 credits earned in POLICE courses 900-908. The remaining 18 credits must be transcriptable college credit, not diploma or certificate credits.

• Must possess a valid Wisconsin driver’s license.

• Must be legally able to handle or possess a firearm.

• Must complete a medical exam that allows participation in vigorous physical activity.

• Must undergo a criminal history/background check.

• Successfully pass a personal interview.

Students must complete all the mandatory curriculum in POLICE courses 900-908, all of the Unified Tactics in the POLICE 170-176 courses, and a scenario-based assessment, as well as having no less than 60 total college credits, before obtaining certifiable status as a law enforcement officer in the state of Wisconsin.


Scenario-based assessments are usually held each semester after the tactical training is completed. There is a special fee charged to participate in the scenario-based assessments.


Students have three years from the start of taking their first 900-numbered courses to obtain certifiable status. If unable, the process must be completed again.


The student must initiate the request for the certificate upon completion of requirements by contacting the Criminal Justice – Law Enforcement Department at 414-571-4706.

Curriculum effective 2014-15.




POLICE-170      OMVWI/Standard Field Sobriety Test ‡



POLICE-171      Professional Communications ‡
                             (or) POLICE 903 Professional Communications



POLICE-172      EMS-LE/Hazardous Materials ‡



POLICE-173      Emergency Vehicle Operation ‡



POLICE-174      Care and Use of Firearms ‡ 



POLICE-175      Defense and Arrest Tactics ‡



POLICE-176      Vehicle Contacts ‡







‡ Prerequisite required.
Program curriculum requirements are subject to change.
Certificate programs are not eligible for financial aid.
For class times and locations or to register online, visit INFOnline.


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