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Automotive Maintenance Technician Diploma - curriculum
2012-13 Automotive Maintenance Technician Technical Diploma —
Oak Creek Campus
Program code: 31-404-3

This curriculum goes into effect as of summer 2012.

Overview — Automotive Maintenance Technician is a one-year technical diploma program designed to train you to service and repair the drivetrain, electrical and mechanical systems of automobiles. When employment opportunities arise, and with the employer’s and instructor’s consent, portions of this program may be taken off campus for co-op credit.

Career Outlook — Automobile service technicians are needed to repair and maintain passenger cars and light trucks, and the need for technicians trained in this occupation will continue as long as passenger vehicles are produced. Program graduates typically locate employment with automobile dealerships, service stations, specialized shops, general repair garages and franchise repair garages. Duties often entail new car predelivery inspection, car cleanup, lubrication, wheel alignment and balancing, electrical systems repair, engine repair and tuneup, automatic and manual transmission repair.

Program Learning Outcomes — Employers usually expect you as an automobile service technician applicant to be able to:

  • Use hand and power tools, and shop equipment, properly and safely
  • Locate technical data and service repair information 
  • Look up specifications in shop manuals
  • Service and repair the following systems: brake; steering and suspension; heating, cooling, and air conditioning; and exhaust, emission control, fuel delivery, and ignition systems
  • Provide minor service and repair on manual and automatic transmissions and transaxles, differentials, driveshafts and axle half shafts, engine 
  • Service and repair (with an exposure to overhaul techniques) manual and automatic transmissions and transaxles, differentials, driveshafts and axle half shafts, engines, and electrical components
  • Perform routine service, such as lubrication, oil and filter change, tire balance and rotation, engine tuneup, and accessory service
  • Develop a working rapport with other employees
  • Exhibit the desire to remain current in your field

Preparation for Admission — The following is required for admission to the program:

  • Demonstration of proficiency in basic skills through a course placement assessment

To be successful in the program, you will need a high degree of manual dexterity and the ability to interpret drawings found in service manuals. After admission to the program, you will need to have an automotive repair tool set. A high school diploma or GED is recommended.

Possible Careers:

Automobile Servicing Technician
Engine Repair
Powertrain Maintenance

Related Programs:

Auto Collision Repair and Finish Technician
Automotive Technology
Diesel and Powertrain Servicing

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Curriculum effective 2012-13.





Powertrain Maintenance and Light Repair Fundamentals




Powertrain Maintenance and Light Repair Lab ‡




Heating and Air Conditioning Fundamentals




Applied Economics and Human Relations









Brakes and Steering Suspension Fundamentals



Brakes and Steering Suspension Lab 1 ‡




Brakes and Steering Suspension Lab 2 ‡









Electrical and Electronic Fundamentals




Electrical and Electronic Lab ‡




Auto Instrumentation and Accessories ‡




Communications 1









Engine Control System 1 Fundamentals ‡




Engine Control Systems 1 Lab ‡




Engine Control Systems 2 Fundamentals/Lab ‡












Program curriculum requirements are subject to change.


Prerequisite Required.

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