Monday – September 23, 2019

Graduation Application Process

Congratulations! If you answered "Yes" to QUESTIONS 1, 2 AND 3 then you are a potential graduate. Your next step is to submit a graduation application.


Submitting a Graduation Application

  • Graduation Applications are available online (requires Adobe Reader)
  • The application deadlines are October 31 (Winter Commencement) and March 31 (Spring Commencment.) Please also keep in mind that if you do not meet the graduation application deadline you may not receive Academic Honor Recognition consideration and you may not be listed in the commencement ceremony program book. Please note that you must submit a graduation application regardless of whether or not you plan to participate in the commencement ceremony
  • If you plan to participate in the commencement ceremony, please be sure to check "Yes" on the graduation application and include the $15 fee when submitting the application
  • Mail completed graduation applications, including the $15 fee, if you plan to participate in the commencement ceremony, to MATC, Graduation Department, 700 West State Street, Milwaukee, WI 53233
  • Students may also apply for graduation at any of the following four campus locations:
    • Downtown Milwaukee Campus: Room S123
    • Mequon Campus: Room A110
    • Oak Creek Campus: Room A106
    • West Allis Campus: Room 114


  • Each student will receive a blank diploma cover at the commencement ceremony. If you do not attend the ceremony, a diploma cover will be provided with your diploma
  • Participation in the commencement ceremony does not guarantee graduation from a program
  • Graduation from a program is processed once all final semester grades are entered and all program requirements are met
  • If you complete your program requirements in the spring, you will receive your diploma in mid-June.
  • If you complete your program requirements in the summer, you will receive your diploma in mid-September.
  • If you complete you program requirements in the fall, you will receive your diploma in mid-February
  • You may request a duplicate diploma by submitting a graduation application and writing "Duplicate Diploma" at the top of it. A fee of $30 is due at the time you submit the request for a duplicate diploma.

Commencement Ceremony

  • Personal items, such as flowers, novelties, purses, phones, etc., may NOT be worn, carried or used while walking across the stage during the ceremony. Electronic devices of any kind are also not permitted. We recommend keeping personal items at home or with a family member or friend during the ceremony to avoid any potential problems
  • Childcare services will not be provided during the commencement ceremony. Please be sure to make appropriate childcare arrangements in advance
  • If you plan to complete your program in the SUMMER SEMESTER and want to attend the commencement ceremony, you should participate in the Spring Commencement Ceremony prior to your final summer semester. Summer semester graduates may not participate in the Winter Commencement Ceremony