Saturday – October 20, 2018

Upper Iowa University (All Inclusive)

A formal partnership with Upper Iowa University (UIU) was established in the fall of 2003.  Given that, any student who graduates from any Milwaukee Area Technical College Associate program may have up to 78 lower division college semester credits transferred  towards any of the Bachelor-level degree programs offered at UIU.  Up to 30 semester credits may be transferred to Upper Iowa University for students completing an MATC one-year occupational diploma program.

A current articulation agreement is in place by which the transfer of credits for specific courses is determined.  An equivalency guide showing that current articulation can be viewed at:

Upper Iowa University offers courses at their main campus located in Fayette, Iowa as well as at Academic Extension centers in Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, and Wisconsin, including Milwaukee (located at 620 S 76th St).  For more information about the Milwaukee Center including programs available and contact information, visit:

Programs and courses are also offered via UIU's Center for Distance Education with via their online program or through the independent study program; see for more information.  Degrees can be earned from Upper Iowa University using any combination of campus, at-center, online, and independent-study courses.

Upper Iowa University Academic Extension?s Academic Calendar is divided into six eight-week terms; to be considered full-time, students take just two courses per term. Many students take courses all 6 terms and are able to finish a Bachelor program in less than 3 and a half years.


For more information, visit: