Tuesday – September 27, 2016

Programs with Waitlists

Listed below are the programs that currently have waitlists for their clinical/technical courses. Start times can be difficult to accurately estimate as students who are on waitlists for long periods are less likely to enroll when given the opportunity to register for  program courses. As a result, estimated start times are subject to change. 

  • Students can take general education and some technical support courses that are part of their degree while they are on a waitlist for clinical/technical courses.
  • Applicants are added to a program waitlist after specific program requirements have been met.  The estimated waitlist start times below are for those who were recently placed on waitlists. 
  • Need help in choosing a program? Visit our page or our Student Services - Counseling/Career page for valuable assistance.
  • Inquiries about estimated start times for students currently on waitlists can be directed to our Admissions Office at 414-297-6542.This information is provided to students during the following times of the year: March 1 through July 15 and again October 1 through December 15.  
  • Catalog Year/Curriculum:  When you start clinical/technical courses for your program, you will follow the program curriculum outlined in the MATC catalog for that year. You are encouraged to periodically check the curriculum for your program at  Classes and Programs.
  • General inquires regarding admission to MATC programs can be obtained by calling 414-297-MATC
  • Updated waitlist information will be posted periodically. 


Program Code



Program Name


Approximate Start Time

(Applies to new applicants only)


Automotive Technician*

½ yr.


Diesel and Power Train Servicing

½ yr.



½ yr.


Automotive Collision Repair and Finish Technician

½ yr.


Automotive Maintenance

½ yr. - 1 yr


 Welding (all campuses)

 1⁄2 yr. – 1 yr.

*Fall Start Only

Revised  3/3/15