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MATC program students – Registration opens:

Friday, November 8 (military veterans) and Monday, November 11 (all current program students)


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MATC students – Follow these simple steps to register

Here's your checklist for registration:

  • Register via INFOnline or complete a registration form at any Welcome Center
  • Have a photo ID to register in person
  • Not have an outstanding debt with the college
    (If you do have a debt, don't let it stop you - Contact Student Accounts or visit your campus' Cashier's Office to make payment arrangements)
  • Have met class prerequisite requirements, if applicable


Start planning now — Top 5 reasons to see your program advisor

5. To explore program and career options available to you.

4. To monitor your academic progress.

3. To connect with resources designed for your academic success.

2. To make sure you are taking the right classes. Your advisor knows and will be happy to tell you.

And the number one reason you will want to see your program advisor is:

1. To stay on the right track to graduate.

(Your graduation date will be here before you know it!)

Check out the 2019-20 MATC Catalog

This catalog is your comprehensive guide to the college.

  • General information
  • Associate Degree/Technical Diploma/Certificate information
  • Course descriptions
  • And more!
  • View/download the Catalog (pdf)
    NOTE: The catalog is optimized for viewing onscreen in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.  If you wish to print it, please note that it is 388 pages.

Our graduates succeed

  • Guaranteed transfer options: UW-Madison, UW-Milwaukee, Marquette and more
  • Our JOBshop connects graduates to careers