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Mobile Application Designer


Downtown Milwaukee Campus

Combining coursework in mobile application design, web development and social media marketing, this program prepares students to work with the latest technology. Students plan, design and publish websites; design mobile applications and apply multiple web development languages to mobile and desktop internet platforms. Important to success are abilities to work as part of a team, to work under stress and to meet deadlines.

Career Outlook: Demand for mobile application designers is increasing as businesses and organizations update their communication strategies to evolve with new technology.

Career Pathway: After earning this technical diploma, the credits can be applied toward completing the Mobile Designer associate degree program.


Program Code: 31-206-2

Start Dates: August/January

Special Admission Requirements: Demonstration of basic computer skills in operating systems, word processing and the internet.

Detailed Program Information:
Fall 2016 – Spring 2017 Course Requirements

Credit for Prior Learning and Experience

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