Saturday – December 07, 2019

Pay for Print Initiative Launches

Pay for PrintMilwaukee Area Technical College has launched a Pay for Print initiative, which was developed to reduce unnecessary printing/copying and recover costs (paper, toner, equipment) related to printing/copying.
Click here for Pay for Print FAQs (pdf.)

Beginning January 1, 2011, each student received a $10 print allotment on his/her Stormer Pass. This allotment will appear as Free Print on his/her Stormer Pass and may only be used for printing. The allotment will expire at the end of the spring semester. Allotments will be re-allocated prior to the start of each semester.

If a student exhausts the $10 allotment, he/she is responsible for adding money to his/her Campus Cash account. Money in this account may be used for multiple purposes, such as Student Parking, printing, or in the Stormer Cafés and vending machines.

Costs for printing are:
Single-sided, Black & White print  5¢
Double-sided, Black & White print 7¢
All color prints                            50¢ (available in Library, M273, C278 on Downtown Milwaukee Campus; West Allis Campus Academic Support Center)
All photocopies                            5¢

Students can add money to their Campus Cash accounts at Account Management Centers (AMCs) located on all four campuses.

At the conclusion of the spring semester, data will be analyzed to determine if the $10 allotment will be maintained or adjusted.

Currently, printing is available in all Academic Support Centers and Libraries on all four campuses and in Room H126 on the Downtown Milwaukee Campus. Students must swipe their Stormer Pass to print in these areas.
What to Expect
There will be no change to the current printing/copying process. Students will still need to swipe their Stormer Pass to release a print/copy job. However, if a student does not have sufficient funds on his/her account, a job will not be released. It is imperative that students know their account status. Students can check their account status at any AMC.

The default setting on all printers will be single sided. A student will have the option to change from single-sided to double-sided printing.

What’s the difference between a “print” and a “copy?”
A print is material generated from computers located in Academic Support Centers and Libraries on all four campuses and in Room H126 on the Downtown Milwaukee Campus.

A copy is a reproduction of material using copy machines located in the Libraries on all four campuses.

Oops … I printed the wrong thing! I printed too many copies!
Students are responsible for their print/copy jobs. It is imperative that students check the Print Preview and Print Queue before submitting a job.

Don’t Have a Stormer Pass?
Pick one up at a Stormer Pass Office, located at:

  • Downtown Milwaukee Campus, S Building, Room S301
  • Mequon Campus, Room A118
  • Oak Creek Campus, Room A107
  • West Allis Campus, Room 133

Need to Add Money to Your Stormer Pass?
You can add money (Campus Cash) to your Stormer Pass at AMCs located on all four campuses.

Downtown Milwaukee Campus

  • S Building 1st and 3rd Floor
  • M Building, Across from Public Safety
  • Library, M Building 3rd Floor
  • C Building, 2nd Floor near Highland Avenue and 8th Street entrance
  • C Building, Near Room C271
  • Bridge between H and T Buildings
  • H Building, 1st Floor Hallway
  • 8th and State Streets Parking Structure

Mequon Campus

  • Library/Academic Support Center Lower Level Atrium

Oak Creek Campus

  • Library
  • Lower Level Atrium

West Allis Campus

  • Near Room 120
  • 2nd Floor, Across from Lounge

Have Additional Questions?
Talk with a staff member in an Academic Support Center or Library.

See for printing tips.