Wednesday – February 22, 2017

Key LAS Contacts
Program counselors, school specialists and faculty advisors are available to provide guidance and answer questions regarding selection of and enrollment in a program, degree requirements, course scheduling, skill testing, and transfer options. Each program student is assigned a faculty advisor by the end of their first semester.

Liberal Arts Counselors and Specialists:

Downtown Milwaukee Campus
Dan Kuemmel, Counselor: 414-297-7004
Rick Harris, Specialist: 414-297-6359
Carlos Aranda, Human Services Specialist: 414-297-7437
Dorthea Macon, Early Childhood Specialist: 414.297-7114

Oak Creek Campus
Suzanne Moore, Counselor: 414-571-4599
Al Brotton, Counselor: 414-571-4458
Anthony Sprewer, Counselor: 414-571-4736
Monica Luksic: 414-571-4577
Annabel Aranda-Chavez: 414-571-4744 (Part Time)

Mequon Campus
Julie Klug, Counselor: 262-238-2469
Sue Munger, Counselor: 262-238-2496 (Part Time)

West Allis Campus
Ann Burbach, Ph.D., Counselor: 414-456-5351
Tom Wichert, Counselor: 414-456-5451
Todd McGilligan, Specialist: 414-456-5533
Bougning Her, Specialist: 414-456-5306