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Become part of the healthcare team providing patient care in medical imaging departments in hospitals, clinics and medical offices. This is a full-time program encompassing four semesters, a six-week summer session and a six-week externship. When you graduate, you become eligible for certification through the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT). 

Career Outlook: Typical emphases in the field include diagnostic radiology, bedside and trauma procedures, and pediatric radiography. 

Career Pathway: This program features exploratory courses that count toward a credential. Work continues to develop the program into a fully embedded Career Pathway.

Effective Fall 2013, the Radiography program reopened. Students will need to petition. A student with program code can petition during the designated times.

Contact Admissions at 414-297-6542 if you have questions. 

If you are a resident of the Waukesha County Technical College district, see 
https://www.wctc.edu/programs_&_courses/nursing_&_allied_health/radiography/started.php for information on the Collaborative Program Agreement and to apply for the program at WCTC.

Program Code: 10-526-1 

Start Date: August

This program does not have a waitlist.
Students are admitted through a petition process.
Learn more about the petition process 
Learn more about when the petition process windows are open 

A criterion considered in the petition process is verification of student residency. Students selected via the petition process are chosen based on MATC district residency, then Wisconsin nondistrict residency, followed by nonresidents, unless otherwise stated. 

Special Admission Requirements: One year of high school-level biology and chemistry.

Detailed Program Information:
Fall 2016 – Spring 2017 Course Requirements

This program is accredited through the Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology (JRCERT),  20 N. Wacker Drive, Suite  2850, Chicago, IL 60606-3182; 312-704-5300;  www.jrcert.org, email: mail@jcert.org.

health-guide-sm-thFor more information, email info@matc.edu

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