Monday – December 18, 2017

MATC Online Giving

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Please click on the fund to which you would like to designate your donation. This is not a complete list of our funds. If you would like to direct your gift to a fund not listed here, please use the "Other Donation Options" section at the bottom of this page and indicate the name of the fund on the confirmation page.

MATC Promise Scholarship Fund
To provide free tuition for low-income high school graduates who meet MATC Promise eligibility requirements.

MATC Promise Scholarship Endowment Fund
An endowment fund for the long-term sustainability of the MATC Promise, which provides free tuition for low-income high school graduates who meet MATC Promise eligibility requirements.

Dreamkeepers Emergency Grant Assistance Fund
To help meet the financial needs of MATC students who encounter an emergency situation or one-time, unusual or unforeseen expense that prevents them from attending school.

Centennial Fund for the Completion Challenge
To support initiatives being developed to increase MATC student completion rates.

General Scholarship Fund
To provide scholarships for students in program area(s) of greatest needed (e.g. high enrollment, but insufficient scholarship support).

Alumni Scholarship Endowment Fund
A new scholarship fund that is building toward an endowment for students who are in their last semester and are about to complete their technical diploma or associate degree program.

Business Division Scholarship Endowment Fund
For second or third semester associate degree business students.

First Semester New Student Scholarship Fund
For students with a high school (or adult high school) diploma or GED who are in their first semester and admitted to a program.

Five Star Culinary Scholarship Endowment Fund
For culinary arts or baking production students.

MATCRA Centennial Fund for Student Success
For students enrolled in an occupational diploma or associate degree program.

President's Scholarship Fund
To support MATC students who are close to completing, but have exhausted their financial aid resources.

Right Path Program
The Right Path program provides young adults, ages 18 to 25, who have dropped out of high school and have a parent who is incarcerated or on parole/probation, with the opportunity to earn a high school credential, gain job skills, and embark on a career pathway at MATC.

Teacher Education Track Scholarship Fund
For students enrolled in the Teacher Education Track program.

Technical Education Scholarship Fund
For students enrolled in one of the following Technical and Applied Sciences programs: Construction, Manufacturing, Electronics, Transportation, Fire Science or Police Science.

Workforce Investment Now Scholarship Fund
For independent working students in need of assistance, but do not qualify for financial aid.

Other Donation Options

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You can also support a specific program or project not listed above. Please be sure to indicate the specific program or project you would like to support on the confirmation page of your PayPal transaction.