Monday – October 15, 2018

Inside MATC Transformations

Inside Transformations August 2016 coverFall 2016

Welcome to the second issue of Inside MATC Transformations, which has been designed as an electronic publication. Links in the articles provide more information about the people and programs featured in this edition and we hope you take the opportunity to learn even more about them.

The articles center around MATC students, faculty, staff and alumni; the college’s initiatives; and how these are working together to transform lives, industry and community.


Inside MATC Transformations Fall Issue 2016 (pdf)


2015 Annual Report Spring 2016

This year's MATC Annual Report offers something extra. It is the first edition of the new Inside MATC Transformations magazine.

Three times a year, the magazine will feature stories about MATC students, faculty, staff and alumni; and the college's initiatives and organizations. You will learn how the transformations made possible by MATC are unique and powerful to help transform lives, industry and community.

We invite you to see for yourself in each issue of Inside MATC Transformations.


Inside MATC Transformations Spring Issue 2016 | Annual Report 2015 (pdf)