Tuesday – January 28, 2020

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding MATC’s Tobacco Free Policy

When did MATC become tobacco free?
The MATC District Board approved a policy on June 26, 2012, that all MATC property, buildings and grounds would become tobacco free on Nov. 1, 2012.

Why was this policy adopted?
MATC is committed to a safe and healthy learning and working environment for students, employees and visitors. Creating a tobacco-free environment is one way to fulfill this commitment.

Tobacco-Free_1What are the repercussions if I smoke or use tobacco/tobacco products on campus?
MATC Public Safety will give any person violating the provisions of this policy a verbal warning.

Any student who continues to violate the policy will be referred to the respective campus Office of Student Life. Any faculty or staff member who continues to violate the provisions cited above will be referred to his/her respective division/department head.

Any person who becomes disorderly when asked to comply with Board Policy
G0401 Tobacco-Free District Facilities may be cited by each respective campus' local law enforcement department.

Does this policy apply to sidewalks around campus?
MATC cannot make policies regarding property the college does not own.If you wish to use tobacco products, we ask that you be courteous and cross the street away from campus buildings and entrances, and that you dispose of smoking materials properly.

Why is MATC cracking down on smoking?
MATC has taken the issue of tobacco usage on campus seriously for decades. The college banned smoking in all indoor campus buildings in August 1993. In November 2006, the college implemented a 25-foot rule, which prohibited smoking near building entrances. This policy reinforces the college’s commitment to creating a safe and healthy learning and working environment.

MATC is a public institution. Don’t I have the right to smoke or use tobacco on campus?
No. The MATC District Board has the authority to develop and implement policies regarding MATC property.

Am I allowed to smoke or use tobacco in my car?
This policy does not apply to personal vehicles. If you choose to smoke in your vehicle, please be considerate of your fellow MATC community members and keep smoke and tobacco materials (including waste) in your vehicle.

Are e-cigarettes included in this policy?
Yes. The Food and Drug Administration has regulatory authority over tobacco products and includes e-cigarettes in this classification. As a result, use of e-cigarettes are prohibited on MATC property.

I don’t think I can quit smoking/using tobacco on my own. Where can I get help?
MATC supports and applauds your decision to quit smoking. If you are a student, please contact your campus’ Office of Student Life. If you are an employee, contact Anne Sheridan, Wellness Coordinator, at x76610 or sheridaa@matc.edu. Or, visit this page with local and national resources - http://www.matc.edu/discover_matc/tobacco_free/tobacco_free_resources.cfm

What should I do if I see someone smoking or using tobacco on campus?
You can politely let the individual know that MATC is now a tobacco free campus and to visit the college’s website (MATC.edu) for more information. If you are not comfortable speaking with someone, you can inform the MATC Department of Public Safety.