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Food and Beverage Management


Downtown Milwaukee, Oak Creek campuses

To take a step forward in your career, this program provides leadership skills to build and motivate a kitchen team. Coursework also includes learning the principles behind profitable fiscal management such as analysis of financial reports and budget planning. Students should have a solid culinary foundation and be currently employed as a line cook, sous chef or chef.  

Added Career Value: By earning this diploma, you will have completed two semesters of the Culinary Management associate degree program.

Career Outlook: Graduates will be better positioned for advancement in the industry. Food service manager jobs in the Milwaukee area are expected to grow 10% through 2015. 

Program Code: 31-317-2 

Start Dates: August/January 

Detailed Program Information:

Fall 2014 – Spring 2015 Course Requirements

Food and Beverage Management Diploma Program Card

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