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IT Network Specialist – Accelerated


Downtown Milwaukee Campus
Also offered entirely online  

You may choose to take this Accelerated program entirely online, or attend classes on campus (meeting four and one-half hours per week during the school year; courses are offered online during the summer). The Accelerated format enables students to complete the program’s Technical Studies courses in less than 18 months. Coursework prepares you for a career in designing, installing, maintaining, troubleshooting and implementing security on computers, computer networks and network operating systems. 

Career Outlook: Employment opportunities are expected to grow dramatically. The program also prepares you for many certifications that employers seek. 

Added Career Value: Earn the IT Networking and Infrastructure Administration diploma while completing this degree. 

Program Codes:
10-150-2.AA (in-person), 10-150-2.AAON (online)

Start Dates: August (in-person), January (online)

Special Admission Requirements: One year of high school-level or one semester of  college-level algebra. The Online Accelerated option also requires an interview, demonstration of base computer/networking knowledge, proof of broadband connection at home, and the purchase of supplies to build a PC.  

Detailed Program Information:
Fall 2014 – Spring 2015 Course Requirements

IT Network Specialist AAS Accelerated Program Card

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