Tuesday – January 28, 2020


Goal 1: Student Success—Retention

  • Implement structural, policy, personnel changes, website and dashboard needed for AACC Guided Pathways
  • Adopt new scheduling models for Gateway English and Math courses
  • Create additional support for late-registering students
  • Identify “At Risk” students for early and ongoing support
  • Integrate Developmental Ed with Gateway Courses
  • Advise Across the Student Life Cycle


Goal 1: Student Success—Learning Assessment & Systems

  • Implement Holistic Assessment for course placement
  • Realign Distance Education standards and criteria
  • Analyze Career Essentials data & create Action Projects
  • Utilize SPOL software for all QRP and TSA reporting and action plans


Goal 1: Student Success—Equity Gap

  • Develop outreach & support plans through Multicultural Office
  • Align Early Alert, Midterm Reporting and student support processes
  • Reinstate Men of Color initiative
  • Establish MATC as a Hispanic-Serving Institute


Goal 2: Workplace Engagement & Innovation—Employee Development & Engagement

  • Improve executive team performance excellence and expand to council
  • Streamline the new employee onboarding process
  • Leverage and expand Conversation Circles
  • Implement the recommended strategies of the Employee Recognition Committee


Goal 2: Workplace Engagement & Innovation—Quality Culture

  • Advance an engaged and healthy environment through shared governance, continuous improvement, collaboration and transparent communication
  • Launch “MATC Your Week Ahead” communication plan
  • Expand Collaborative Decision Making (CDM) to part-time staff and faculty
  • Adopt Community Policing Model (Public Safety)


Goal 2: Workplace Engagement & Innovation—Diversity

  • Target our employee mix to reflect our student demographics
  • Prioritize diversity for one HR recruiter


Goal 3: Financial & Environmental Sustainability—Fiscal Responsibility

  • Improve the college’s ability to raise and allocate funds
  • Increase the number of program students who enroll at MATC (increase FTEs) through:
    •  2nd Chance Pell for Pilot Training
    • Displaced Homemaker Initiative
  • Establish new Employer Partnership Committee under Foundation Board
  • Reduce overtime in facilities with efficiency audits
  • Improve project oversight and management


Goal 3: Financial & Environmental Sustainability—Environmental Stewardship

  • Implement the Climate Action Plan
  • Implement the Energy Master Plan—Space Planning Initiative
  • Redesign composting and recycling processes
  • Track facilities equipment maintenance with formal preventive maintenance schedules


Goal 3: Financial & Environmental Sustainability—Technology

  • Resolve identified IT intake barriers
  • Improve and report status on the overall security posture of IT
  • Assess Enterprise Funds for efficiencies


Goal 4: Partnerships & Community Collaboration—Educational Pathways

  • Investigate additional opportunities with K-12 and post-secondary partners
  • Lead and participate in the Higher Education Regional Alliance (HERA)
  • Lead, participate and implement strategies of M3 initiative
  • Participate in Milwaukee FAFSA Completion Project
  • Automate the Advanced Standing admissions process
  • Expand Dual Enrollment Academies


Goal 4: Partnerships & Community Collaboration—Graduate Job Placement

  • Centralize infrastructure to increase internships
  • Redesign and expand apprenticeship model, including non-traditional occupations
  • Integrate career counseling within the new Academic Pathways


Goal 4: Partnerships & Community Collaboration—Business & Community Engagement

  • Launch a cooperative education model
  • Expand relationships with legislature to support the incarcerated initiative
  • Re-launch alumni network through social platforms
  • Establish Employer Partnership Committee within the MATC Foundation Board


Goal 4: Partnerships & Community Collaboration—Marketing & Branding

  • Utilize a strategic approach for the integration of the website and marketing campaign
  • Build community relationships through grass-roots efforts