Tuesday – October 22, 2019

Payroll Dates and Timesheet Submission

Information about paydays and required deadlines for submission of time sheets is distributed annually to MATC employees. The information is also posted outside the payroll office at the Downtown Milwaukee Campus and is available by clicking on the appropriate selection below:





It is the employee's responsibility to keep an accurate record of time worked, complete the time sheet and submit it to his/her supervisor for approval prior to the time reports due date for each applicable pay schedule. . Please report leave hours (vacation, sick, etc.) accurately. If you report leave time in excess of credited balances, you may not be paid for such hours.

After approval by the supervisor, time sheets need to be forwarded to the Payroll Department by 4 p.m. on the time sheet due date according to the applicable payroll schedule.

If you have a concern with time sheet submission, please contact the Payroll Department as early as possible in the week of your payday to discuss options for getting a paycheck produced.