Saturday – December 07, 2019

Labor Relations
Labor Relations operates as a part of the Human Resources Division, and is under the direction of the Associate Vice President of Human Resources and Labor Relations.

The primary function is to administer the five work agreements currently in effect: for Local 212 Teachers and Professional Staff; Local 212 Paraprofessionals; Local 212 Part-Time Teachers; Local 587 AFSCME employees; and Local 715 TV Engineers and Videographers. These agreements cover about 1,250 full-time employees and 2,300 part-time employees.

The Labor Relations staff has the following responsibilities:

  • Handles and advises supervisors on grievances, complaints, mediations and arbitration
  • Advises supervisors regarding due process and just cause investigations
  • Supports negotiations and serves as spokespeople for the institution
  • Conducts research and makes recommendations for collective bargaining processes