Thursday – November 16, 2017




  • Channels_10_36_Logo

    One of the first logos for Channels 10/36.

  • WMVS_Studio_1960s

    The Channel 10 studios prepare for a broadcast in the early 1960s.

  • WMVS_TV_1960s

    Instructor Paul Witzke conducts a College of the Air broadcast in the 1960s.

  • MPTV_Studio_1970s

    MPTV Studio, 1970s.

  • Otto_Schlaak_1980s

    Otto F. Schlaak was the general manager of MPTV from 1960-86.

  • Circus_ParadeM

    Film and TV star Ernest Borgnine appeared in Milwaukee's Great Circus Parade for many years.

  • Dan_Small

    Dan Small of "Outdoor Wisconsin."

  • Melinda_Myers

    Nationally acclaimed horticulturalist and "Plant Doctor" Melinda Myers taught at MATC's Mequon Campus.

  • Digital_TV_Tower

    This 1,221-foot community digital tower for Milwaukee Public Television was completed in 1998.

  • Black_Nouveau_2004

    Black Nouveau, 2004.

  • Adelante_2004

    ¡Adelante!, 2004., 2004.

  • mptv-modern-logo

    MPTV logo.