Friday – November 17, 2017




Since its inception, MATC has been honored to host numerous prominent leaders and celebrities including U.S. Presidents, musical performers, actors, comedians, authors, athletes and many more. This gallery highlights just a small sampling of our campus visitors over the years.

  • John_Kennedy

    Left: John F. Kennedy.

  • Dolores_Huerta

    Left: Dolores Huerta.

  • Henry_Maier

    Left: Henry Maier.

  • Dith_Pran

    Left: Dith Pran

  • Oprah_Winfrey

    Left: Oprah Winfrey.

  • Bill_Gates

    Left: Bill Gates.

  • George_Plimpton

    Left: George Plimpton.

  • Hillary_Clinton

    Left: Hillary Clinton.

  • P_Diddy

    Left: P. Diddy.

  • Mary_J_Blige

    Left: Mary J. Blige.