Friday – November 17, 2017




  • Cooley


    Cooley was 43 when called upon by Milwaukee leaders to create a school to serve primarily young people who had dropped out of public school - most often to take menial jobs to help support family income. Over the next 28 years, he became a national leader in the development of vocational education and oversaw the construction of the Milwaukee Vocational School at Sixth and State Streets.

  • Architectural_Students_1930s


    Construction students used a demonstration model to show different aspects of the trade.

  • Barbering_Class_1920s


    The college was fully equipped for barbering classes in the 1930s.

  • Bookkeeping_Class_1914_15


    Bookkeeping class, 1914-15.

  • Breadmaking_Students_1920s


    Breadmaking students in the 1930s were well trained to work in area bakeries.

  • Bricklaying_Class_1920s


    Bricklaying students constructed corners as one of their first hands-on tasks in class, 1920s.

  • Chemistry_Class_1920s


    Young men practice the art and science of chemistry, 1920s.

  • Infant_Care_Class_1920s


    Girls learned how to take care of babies in an infant care class, 1920s.

  • Testing_Electrical_Equipment_1920s


    Students test electrical equipment in a 1920s lab.

  • X_Ray_Machine_in_Dental_Lab_1920s


    Dentistry has come a long way since the 1920s.